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Nothing more than an online weak graphics game, this special and so cool adventure is another IO online game, which challenges you to overcome your skills and abilities so let's get to the work right now and help the humans survive as long as it is possible and do not let the zombies eat your brain, by infecting you using their poisoned bite. The countdown will start and when it reachs to zero that will be the moment when the outbreak will start too and half of the online guys who are playing this awesome game will be transformed in monsters, zombies and the other half will become some heroes, if they finally survive this apocalypse. Anything you would become, use the arrow keys in order to run away from the zombies if you are a survivor or with the same process, try to run after the humans in order to infect them. Each player will be shown from the upside so you will be able to see only players names and their heads. Get to the work right now and show off your abilities and skills in this fantastic game and do not stop until you are finally done with this zombie apocalypse. Accomplish a pretty good and high score and do not hesitate to be the best!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys

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