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What are Zombie Games?

All action junkies out there who visit our website should never miss the opportunity of playing Zombie Games online here, since this category has all the bloody fun they would want to have, and it is not only one of the categories with the highest quality game by game, but it also has tons of options for you, as at the moment of this writing it had more than three hundred games, with our team expecting this number to double and maybe even triple over the years!

Kids and adults alike cannot get enough of playing games with zombies online, and as long as they will want to experience them, we will make sure to bring them forward, just like we have done so far, since that is how we managed to build this category from scratch in the first place, and made it as fun and as beloved as it is at this moment!

Why are zombie games so popular? Well, that is because zombies, in general, are very popular, and they are featured in a lot of media all over the world. There are zombies movies that break box-office hits, such as 2021’s Army of the Dead, but also other classic titles such as World War Z, Train to Busan, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, and many others.

The genre has become quite popular on television too as well, with The Walking Dead being one of the longest-running shows on tv, and in turn, the series is based around the comic book with the same name, with comics having ventured into this genre for a long time. So do video games, of course, with popular titles such as Dead Rising, Island of the Dead, The Last of Us, and even Plants Vs Zombies.

For the very few of you who might not know, zombies are humans who have died and returned to life, and they can be different from one story to another. In some stories they move slow and try to eat your brains, while in others they can move really fast, are strong, and just want to kill you. In many zombie stories they have appeared because of a virus, so if you get bit, you also become a zombie, but in other stories, they simply rise from graves, thanks to magic.

No matter the story, our protagonists usually have to survive the terror of the zombies, moving through the post-apocalypse wasteland, finding food, shelter, and doing their best to not get killed or eaten by zombies. You can smack them with baseball bats, cut them with swords, but the best way to get rid of a zombie will always be to shoot it in the brain because when its brains are done, it can’t move anymore.

Come see what are the best zombie games online for free you can play here!

Of course, zombie shooting games are going to be the ones you are going to find most on this page, and this is because they are what made the genre popular, and the best way to kill a zombie, just like we’ve already mentioned, is to shoot it with a gun, putting a bullet straight through its brains! Now, in some of these games, you will move through cities and rural areas, and when you encounter the zombies you have to shoot them, without letting yourself overrun by them and lose all your health points.

For an even better experience, play zombie games 2 players and shoot the undead together with a friend, supporting one another for survival. Some of the zombie shooter games here are more static, in that your character stands in place, and you are going to use the mouse to aim and shoot the zombies. Look out for zombie games 3d, since they offer the most immersive experience when it comes to shooting games with zombies!

There are other ways to kill the zombies, such as with zombie car games, where you get behind the wheel of a powerful car with a strong engine and exterior and crash through the hordes of zombies until they are no more, or you can play turn-based strategy games too, such as zombie defense games, where you have to find the best way to place towers, weapons, and defensive systems that will stop the zombies from entering the human sanctuary and eating people.

When it comes to specific games that we would recommend, you should definitely start with the Zombie Mission Games series, which has eight games so far, and more to come, where two players control a boy and a girl in their adventure to rid the world and even space of the dangerous zombies. Plants VS Zombies is one of the best strategy and defense games with zombies that you could play, and if you want to play a multiplayer zombie game, try Zombs Royale and compete against players from all over the world!

Even girls can find games to their liking on this page, such as zombie dress up games where their favorite princesses have been turned into the undead, and you have to find a style for them that looks great, and if you want something more kid-friendly out of this category, you should try the Disney Zombies Games, based on the two Z-O-M-B-I-E-S movies from Disney Channel, where you have kid-friendly adventures non-stop!

No matter if you shoot them, hit them, run them over with a car, cut them with a sword, or blow them up with grenades, there is nothing quite as satisfying in the world of online games as killing zombies, so we hope that you will start having this kind of experience right now. Luckily for you, you are on our website, where all the games are unblocked, free to play, and all are hits, and none misses, so let the fun begin right now, and maybe invite your friends over as well, they might love it here too!