Sniper Noob!

Sniper Noob!

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Sniper Noob!
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Sniper Noob! Overview


A Sniper Noob is the role you're getting into for the final leg of the day here on our website, where our team knows from previous experiences that sniper shooting games online are already to your liking very much, but when they also feature Noob and the blocky world he lives in, with creepers and zombies and targets, you're in for an even bigger treat! If you're new to this kind of format, worry not, we've got details right away!

Be the shapest Sniper Noob online!

In each level, there is one, but usually multiple zombies standing in spots on the map, and your goal is to shoot them down with your gun, all of them, sniping them away to clear the stage. It goes without saying, but you've got a limited number of bullets to do it with, so make sure not to run out of them and still have zombies standing up.

If you can shoot in such a way that multiple block zombies fall down with one shot, even better. Obstacles, walls, traps, and other problems appear between you and your targets level by level, to increase their difficulty, but that will also make the game more fun, we promise. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Shoot boxes, bombs, and other items to help you defeat multiple targets with one shot.
  • Bounce the bullets if possible to give them a new direction.

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