Noob Vs Pro - Armageddon

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Noob Vs Pro - Armageddon
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What is Noob Vs Pro - Armageddon?

Noob Vs Pro - Armageddon

On our website, we will never miss the chance of offering you brand new Minecraft Games online of the highest quality, which is the reason why right at this moment we are sharing with you the awesome new game known as Noob Vs Pro - Armageddon, where the apocalypse of the blocky world is coming, and we're sure you will enjoy it a whole lot!

Survive the dangers of the Minecraft world!

With your avatar, you will venture through a lot of obstacle courses that are filled not only with obstacles, but zombies and other enemies, traps that are static, but some that are coming towards you, pits to avoid, explosives to avoid as well, and many other dangers which you must avoid if you want to survive.

If you can attack one of the dangers, do it, getting coins in return, and try earning and collecting other coins and treasures along the way too, we are sure that you want great performance and good stats. You should also be on the lookout for any weapons and power-ups you might find useful. Enjoy!

Move using the arrows, press Z to go up, X to fire, space for TNT or bazookas, C for inventory, V for the sword, M for maps. Good luck in your upcoming challenge, and have fun as it is possible to have only with our amazing group of games!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, Z, X, C, V, M keys.

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