Noob VS Pro Challenge

03.03.2022 6.615 100 votes

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What is Noob VS Pro Challenge?

Noob VS Pro Challenge

Welcome to Noob Challenge, a new addition to our constantly-growing series of Noob Games from Minecraft, which is a combination that you can never go wrong with, and today we bring you a high-quality 3d-rendered game where the Noob's house has been invaded by zombies because he missed monster school, so let's help him survive them!

Help the Noob with his challenge, he needs it!

Go to your chest and grab the sword, and then use the bombs to blow up the wall to your room, after which zombies invade, and you will have to equip the sword and use it to defeat them.

Keep slashing down zombies, grab the coins they leave behind, as well as any other kinds of weapons and power-ups you might find along the way, utilizing them to defeat the zombies.

Don't get killed by the zombies, or you lose, that goes without saying. Move using the WASD keys, and use the mouse to interact, attack, and use items.

Your newest action-adventure experience from Minecraft begins right now, and we hope that you won't be missing out on it for anything in the world!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse.

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