Noob Vs Pro Squid Challenge

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What is Noob Vs Pro Squid Challenge?

Noob Vs Pro Squid Challenge

The Noob has been put into the world of Squid Game by the Pro, who is always messing with him and trying to put him in dangerous challenges, but you and a second player are now going to overcome this world right now since we're offering you the chance to have fun with a 2 player red light green light game online featuring Minecraft Noobs!

Complete the Squid Challenge with Noob Vs Pro!

One player uses the A key to move forward, the other player uses the P key, and know that you should only advance when you have the green light on because if you move during the times when the red light is on, you will get shot down by the evil puppet and lose the game.

Both players need to reach and cross the finish line before the time granted for it runs out on you, with the timer being on the top, or else you die again. It's a life or death race with Squid Game and Minecraft, so give the game your best right now, and don't hesitate to check out even more of our great content!

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How to play?

Use the A, P keys.