Noob Baby vs Pro Baby

Noob Baby vs Pro Baby

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Noob Baby vs Pro Baby
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Noob Baby vs Pro Baby Overview


Noob Baby vs Pro Baby is yet another amazing platform-adventure game in 2 players that you can now fully enjoy free of charge on our website in this category, where we are always seeking to bring you the best new content there is on the internet, and today is not going to be the day we disappoint any of you!

Let's start the new adventures of Noob Baby vs Pro Baby online!

Control Player 1 uses the WAD keys to move and jump and press the spacebar to attack with a sword, an ability Player 2 does not have, as you only move and jump with them, using the ARROW keys to do so.

Make sure to reach the end of each course, while avoiding the traps and obstacles in your path, pits as well, and taking down the various zombies and monsters, using those attacks.

If even one of you dies, both have to restart the level again from scratch. Make sure to also collect coins along the way, and open up treasure chests to see what surprise upgrades they hold for you. It's that easy, so now that you understand, let the fun begin right away, only here, after which we hope you stick around for more to come!

How to play?

P1: WASD, space.


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