Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

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What is Noob vs Pro Castle Defence?

Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

Castle Defence is our latest addition to the Noob Vs Pro Games series from Minecraft that we are always sharing with you here free of charge, as we know without a doubt that these characters and the worlds they inhabit are always a treat to our audience, no matter the genre they are set in, as it is today with tower defense and strategy games, which will only be elevated by this cast!

Play a Castle Defence game with Noob Vs Pro from Minecraft!

Use A and D to move with your Noob hero on horseback, and make sure to open up chests to get coins and treasures from them, which you will then use to acquire new skills from their book of them, as well as build new towers from another book, using them as inventory.

Your goal is to invest as much as you can into the defenses of your kingdom, and your castle, so that when the night comes and the zombies and other monsters attack, you can stand tall and defeat them, wave after wave until you have also built a big castle and propriety.

To open up things use the spacebar. The game also has an idle element, as your coin count rises up as time goes on, and it grows bigger if you build a bigger castle. We wish you all the best, and really hope you tell your friends about our amazing content as well!

How to play?

Use the A, D keys and the spacebar, also the mouse.

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