War Games

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What are War Games?

War games are games in which you will have to prove us that you are a good leader of the soldiers who belong to you and together with them you will have to win every war you have.

To start a war you will have to build your army, and for this, you will have to train your soldiers and soldiers who participate in pre-war training as well as possible.
The next thing you need to keep in mind in a real war is to manage the people you have as well as possible, to try to find the most appropriate strategies for each moment so that you win all the missions you have. Every war will be left with the dead, with soldiers being shot, with abandoned tanks, with ammunition consumed, but these are the wars, unfortunately, we have to witness them know who claims a certain territory.

In war games, most of the time, you as a player will have to manage the fleet you have, buy ammunition, upgrade the weapons you have, build the base defense, think of the strategy that will bring you victory. and also to take great care of the people you have, not to lose them. Probably the best strategy you can have in war is to send soldiers with swords in front (first of all), then put the archers, those who can not shoot with the arrows very far, then the gunmen and in finally the tanks and the air forces so as to optimize the attack against the enemies as much as possible.