Western Front 1914

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Western Front 1914
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What is Western Front 1914?

Western Front 1914

Western Front 1914 is an old-school game online that takes you back into the past in the time of the First World War, on the battlefield on which you will now arrive, where you have to fight and shoot down all enemy soldiers since they are fighting for the side of evil, and if you can defeat them, you are going to save the world!

Go on the Western Front in 1914 and defeat the enemy armies!

Use WASD to move and jump, the mouse to aim and shoot, the number keys, or the mouse wheel to change weapons. On the battlefield, shoot down all the enemy soldiers you encounter, without letting them shoot you dead first, because if that happens, you are going to lose.

This happens if your health bar depletes, but also be careful about bullets, so you don't run out of them, but if you can pick up ammo and weapons along the way, don't hesitate to do it. Each new level features a bigger and more dangerous army, so make sure that you stay focused to defeat them all, no matter how difficult things end up getting!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, Q, E, and the number keys.

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Author: Miniclip

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