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What are My Little Pony Games?

Come play My Little Pony Games online to dress up your favorite ponies, visit Equestria where you can go on adventures, and learn that friendship is magic!

Meet your My Little Pony Games friends:

We love playing with ponies online so much that we even made some games ourselves, which we now recommend you check out:

As magic is the core of this story, anything is possible! For example, the Equestria Girls series is a spin-off where the ponies travel to an alternate universe where they become human girls! Yes, like you and me! The possibilities for fashion then become much bigger, as seen in in dress up games like Equestria Girls First Day at School!

While these are good ponies, just like in the real world, not everyone's the same! There are evil ponies who want to destroy all that's good, colorful, and nice! At one time they even got rid of all the good magic in this world.

Luckily for the ponies, you can Restore the Elements of Magic in a wonderful game where with each of these characters you go on a different adventure.

EQUESTRIA is waiting for you, so travel there and have fun right now!


At what age can you play My Little Pony Games online?
Young or old, kids or adults, everyone can have fun with the pony games which are fun and educational

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