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Play the Best My Little Pony Games online for free, where you must dress up, start an adventure, or makeover our cute ponies from MLP Games.

What are My Little Pony Games?

Meet your My Little Pony Games friends:

We love playing with ponies online so much that we even made some games ourselves, which we now recommend you check out:

While these are good ponies, not everyone's the same as in the real world! There are evil ponies who want to destroy all that's good, colorful, and nice! They even got rid of all the good magic in this world.

Luckily for the ponies, you can Restore the Elements of Magic in a wonderful game in which you go on a different adventure with each of these characters.

EQUESTRIA awaits you, so travel there and have fun right now!


At what age can you play My Little Pony Games online?
Young or old, kids or adults, everyone can have fun with the pony games which are fun and educational

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