Pony Creator

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Pony Creator
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What is Pony Creator?

Pony Creator

Pony Creator is a new MLP game where you get to create your own pony, something that many girls, maybe even boys, all across the world dream about, and we're sure that just like with previous versions of this kind of format, you are going to have a blast letting your imagination run wild. Let's start, shall we?

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To create the pony you will be able to change the following parts of the design:

  • body
  • eyes
  • mane
  • color
  • face
  • tail

Further, change the background and use advanced settings for even more modifications. You can then accessorize the cute little animal, and even choose the pose that it uses.

It's all as simple and fun, so we hope to see you begin having fun right away, as only here is possible, and make sure to tell your friends all about it too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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