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Explore Ponyville

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Explore Ponyville
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Explore Ponyville Overview

Playing My Little Pony Games online is one of the best experiences ever for girls all around the world, and if you love watching the antics of these cute ponies on television or in their movies, we’re positive that you will also love to actually get to Explore Ponyville, their magical land, yourselves, as you get to interact with their world directly.

Start by picking which of the ponies you want to be, and depending on what you chose you are going to explore different parts of the magical land, because each has their own interests. For example, you are going to join Twilight Sparkle in the library. There, you get to use your magic powers to float books around, have her read them, you can sort them out in alphabetical order, and more.

Or, you can join Applejack on her farm, where you take care of the crops and make sure that it is going to be a good harvest year. For all these things you only use the mouse, interacting with the clickable items in order to set things in motion, and, when you need them, the ponies are going to give you all sorts of hints on what to do and where to click on.

Join your favorites pony from Ponyville, explore their world to the deepest levels of it, so that you have the ultimate My Little Pony experience! A whole new world of fun awaits you, so don’t leave it hanging!

How to play?

mouse will have you help explore Ponyville Twilight.

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