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Slope Overview


Galaxy Slope, simply known as Slope, is part of a list of Y8 Games to play for free on Play-Games. If you thought you have experienced real frustration in gaming, then you have not gotten your hand on Slope yet. 

Slope Online: Gameplay

Slope might not look like much in terms of gameplay, but when you start the game, you will see right away that it is a game you will spend hours playing. There is no tutorial in Slope. However, there is a small message that pops up when you start the first game that shows you that the only controls in Slope are the left and right arrows on the keyboard. 

When you start your first run-through of Slope, you might have no idea what is going on. There is a planet in the background with Tron-style graphics as you control a rolling ball left and right with a bit of physics involved. 

The point of Slope is to keep the ball moving and on the platform. It seems like a very simple thing to do until you start playing the game. Each time you fail, you start a new level that is different from the one before, so do not think you can memorize what is happening. In Slope, you always must stay on your toes. Fortunately, you do not have to struggle alone, here are some tips to follow to master Galaxy Slope. 

Slope Tips

●    A basic understanding of physics helps. The ball moves faster as the course goes along, but if you understand the concept of gravity, then you have mastered half the game. When you see a slope coming up on your next platform, then aim to the side furthest from the drop-off edge. How there’s gravity in space, we do not know, but you can use it to your advantage. 
●    You can survive on top of the tunnels. The tunnels in Slope are dangerous. If you hit a side of the tunnel on the inside, you are dead. If you have a platform that starts above a tunnel (and there is no chance you are going to make it inside), then try to hit the very top of the tunnel. You can still use the top of the tunnel as a rolling area. 
●    Try to stay one step ahead. In life, you need to look ahead to see where you are going. This is absolutely true in regard to Galaxy Slope. If you do not see what is ahead, then you cannot mentally plan your next movie. Do not just look at the platform ahead, you need to look at two platforms ahead. Think of your next platform to adjust yourself to keep the ball rolling, pun intended. 

Do not panic, follow these tips when playing Galaxy Slope and you will roll your way to Mercury in no time!

How to play?

Use the ARROW keys to play.

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