Slope Extra

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What is Slope Extra?

Slope Extra

Slope Extra is the newest version of the much-beloved rolling ball game in 3D that we know so many of you are acquainted with and love so much, as there have been many spin-offs since the original, with this one being the same as well, giving you a bunch of extra levels and balls to play around with, both on computers and mobile devices!

Have some Extra Slope fun rolling the ball down it!

The ball will follow the movement of your mouse or finger, and you have to navigate down the slope in order to avoid the obstacles or to fall into the sky because when that happens, you are going to die then and there and be forced to start all over again from the top.

Along the way, try collecting as many jewels as possible to increase your score, using them to buy new skins for yourself, and the more distance you advance, the better your performance will have been, obviously. As you advance, the speed increases, and the difficulty of the courses, so focus and be careful. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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