Squid Game: All Rounds

Squid Game: All Rounds

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Squid Game: All Rounds
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Squid Game: All Rounds Overview


Squid Game: All Rounds, as the title promises, will give you the chance to go through all the seven competitions depicted in season 1 of Netflix’s Squd Game, the Korean show that took over the world a few years ago!

It features contests between players to win a really large sum of money, but the catch is that if you don’t win a game, you don’t just lose, you die! Well, virtually, at least, in this game, but we’re going to teach you how to play the Squid Games right now and here, so you have a chance of success!

Can you win All Rounds of Squid Game online?

If you are partaking in a game in which you have to move, race, run, and do physical activity, you rely on the ARROW keys and the WASD keys for movement, and in the games that are about logic and puzzle-solving, use the mouse to interact directly.

In all the games you are represented by a player skin, dressed up in green tracksuits with numbers on them, and your enemies will be the guardians in the red jumpsuits.

Run, stop, and run with Red Light, Green Light!

Move forward toward the finish line that you can cross, but when the red light starts, you need to stop moving. If you’re moving when the red light happens, you get shot by the guards and die. When it turns back green, you can start running again.

Solve the Honeycomb puzzle!

Here you use the mouse to carefully cut up the honeycomb alongside the shape given in it, such as a star, circle, or triangle, without cracking the shape, because if it cracks, you lose.

Can you survive the Big Fight?

In this surprise level, you have to fight with the other players in the barracks, defeating them or avoiding them entirely, so that you survive until the morning comes!

Use your strength the deadly Tug of War!

Tap fast and hard to keep pulling on the rope and get the opposing team to fall in the pit down the middle, as they pull and tug you as well, and you have to be stronger to push them into the abyss, and not fall yourselves!

Shoot the Marbles!

Use your skills and precision to shoot the marbles as close to the hole in the sand as possible, without missing too much, because if other players have thrown more marbles, you lose and die!

Use your intuition in Glass Stepping!

You need to cross a bridge made of glass, jumping from one tile to another (using space for jumping), but some of the glass is fake, and will crack and cause you to lose. Remember the glass, and avoid it, so that you can reach across safely, survive, and win!

The final round: SQUID GAME!

Here you are playing a hypercasual runner game where you have to collect as much food as possible to grow big in size and strength while avoiding traps, dangers, and obstacles. That’s because you meet your final opponent and you need to fight against them and win, so be better and bigger!

How to play?

Use WASD/ARROWS and Space for games that require running and/or jumping.

Use the mouse for puzzle games.

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