Squid Game: All Rounds

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Squid Game: All Rounds
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What is Squid Game: All Rounds?

Squid Game: All Rounds

Certainly, many fans of Squid Game have been waiting for this game in which you will have the opportunity to go through all 7 rounds of this famous game. The game is a progressive one, so you will have to start with the first easier levels, after which you will be able to move on to the most difficult missions.

What do you have to do in these 7 rounds of the game?

  1. The first level is the famous red light green light game, in which The Doll is accompanied by two guards who will shoot you when they see that you are making a move while the red color is on. To win this mission you will have to move only when the doll is turned, otherwise, you will be shot.
  2. The second level of the game is known as Honeycomb, and in this mini-game, you will have to use a stick to be able to cut different geometric shapes. To win this game you will have to stop cutting when the stick starts shaking.
  3. The next level is the most active level because you will have to take part in a big battle against many players in the Squid Game that you will have to beat if you want to win this mission. This round is called The Big Fight.
  4. Tug of War is the next mission you will have to complete, and this time you will have to win a battle by using a rope. The goal of the game is to shoot the opposing team into the bottomless pit.
  5. Marbles is the next mission you have, and here you will have to prove us that you have good throwing skills at the target, because you will have to throw a ball as close as possible to a hole in the sand. To win this mission you will have to throw as many balls in the sand pit.
  6. Glass Stepping is the level in which you will have to focus as much as possible on equilibrium because you will have to cross a glass bridge in a short time. Be very careful with the indications you will receive, try to walk only on the indicated places so that you do not fall into the abyss.
  7. The last round of the game is a very interesting one, because you will have to run to a fighter who was your childhood friend, and on your way, you will have to collect as much food to have energy when the battle begins. Once you reach the player, you will have to fight with him.

Did you manage to pass all 7 rounds? Leave us a comment to tell us what do you think about this game developed by the team.

How to play?

Please read the instructions from each round.

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