Master of Numbers

Master of Numbers

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Master of Numbers
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Master of Numbers Overview


Master of Numbers is not the numbers, maths, and puzzle game you might have thought it is from the title, although it has all of these elements together and much more, all packaged in one of the best new hypercasual runner games 3d that we've had here in a while, a format that never disappoints, so we always make sure to bring it over for our dear audiences, like today!

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Use the mouse or finger to control your number on the course, which starts off as '1', and then move it through other numbers of the same kind, adding up on them more and more, so that your number continuously grows, but always make sure to avoid the red numbers, because if you hit into them, they are too big for you, and they will cut you down in number/size.

Avoid any other red obstacles, gates, and traps along the way, and try to see how many bonus points you can get at the end of the levels, which depends on how big of a number you've gathered on the course. That is basically it, so now that you know, make sure you start right away, and don't stop here, since more great games are always in the works for you here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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