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Touchdown Master

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Touchdown Master
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Touchdown Master Overview


Touchdown Master is a hypercasual runner game online in 3D, but one inspired by American Football Games, where the touchdown is the most iconic move and play that a team can make, and you're going to take on the role of that forward who has to do it, in a new game of skill, reaction time, and all-around fun like never before, which we will explain to you right about now!

Become a Touchdown Master online!

Drag your footballer left and right with the mouse as you run forward, and try collecting as many coins as possible to increase your score, and also take up the key. When you are met with a wall of defenders, and sometimes they even rush towards you, you need to jump over them, or even fly.

For that, you will need to jump on platforms, use ramps, or other kinds of power-ups that appear, such as the balloons, which, if you grab them, will allow you to fly past the defenders. When you cross them, you are able to make your shot for a touchdown, so when you see the meter get into the red zone, tap on the screen to shoot the ball.

Hopefully, you've aimed it at the bonuses that are larger, as they can give you one sum or another depending on their placement where you hit them. Each new level features a more difficult obstacle course because there will be tons of roadblocks to avoid, so as not to lose all your lives and the level.

Based on how you do you get from one to three stars per level, si aim for 3/3! Good luck, enjoy, and feel free to check out more of our daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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