American Football Games

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What are American Football Games?

American Football Games was a much-needed category for us to create here for you all since we consider that this sister sport to soccer games, for which we have the more excellent category already, needed its place to shine, especially since America is the largest continent in the world, and there are a lot of fans of it out there who deserve to get their best games to play easily found, and, it goes without saying, free and unblocked!

Find out why our American Football Games online are the best!

American Football, despite its name, is played with a ball, but it does not touch the feet, only when you're given a free strike, which you need to shoot from a distance through a gate in the air, through which the players try to get as far as possible to earn extra points.

As for how the sport goes the rest of the time, the two teams chase the ball, try to grab it with their hand, pass it from one to another, or use other kinds of tactics, with many of them having cemented themselves over time, and run with the ball over to the other side of the pitch, and cross its limits to score.

Unlike in European Football, because players bump heads and hit themselves into one another quite a lot, they have massive gear with tons of protection, such as the iconic helmets they wear.

You could have done this on our website for a long time, as in general, with classic games that have become so through their popularity over the years, and we now invite you to start off with Return Man 1 Online Unblocked Free, as well as its many sequels.

Over the years, this sport has made a lot of stars in America, such as:

Many players start playing in college, in universities known for their football programs and then get into the big leagues, where they get paid accordingly. Some of the most iconic teams are:

In Europe, the sport is not played precisely like it is in America, but the old continent is where it originated. It's played very similarly in Rugby, for which we also have games that we will bring you here so that everyone worldwide is happy!

Now that we're sure we've given you a proper intro to these games, you should feel ready and confident to start playing them right now, after which we invite you to tell your friends about them, too!