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Touchdowners Overview


Touchdowners is an American Football game online, also similar to rugby games, and one of the best new sports games in 2 players that you can find and play free of charge on our website right now, which we absolutely recommend, after having had tons of fun with it before, and we know that similar physics games like this that we've had here in the past were also welcomed with open hearts.

Whether you want to make touchdowns solo or with another player, you're guaranteed to have lots of fun, so allow us to explain the mechanics, and make sure you can give this game your very best!

Be the best Touchdowners online!

You will control a team of three footballers at the same time, using the arrow keys to move, jump, and rotate their hands, and press Z to pass the ball or shoot it forward. In case you are playing in two players, use the following controls:

  • Player 1: Z, X to move, C to pass.
  • Player 2: Arrows, M.

To win the matches you need to keep passing the ball from one player to another and get it in the red zone of the opposing team, making a touchdown when that happens. If you also take a player there, even better, but if even the ball touches the ground, you still win.

Play the Arcade mode if you want to have solo matches, or if you want to enter the tournament, try your hand there too, and reach the finals, win the cup! For the 2P mode, choose your teams, and start!

We wish you the very best, just like you deserve to have, and we hope you're not stopping at this game, since there are so many more to enjoy here, all free, like this one!

How to play?


P1: Z, X, C.


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Colin Lane Games AB

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