Football Kickoff

Football Kickoff

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Football Kickoff
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Football Kickoff Overview


Football Kickoff represents one of the newest American Football Games online you get to find and play on our website, of which we want to bring even more in the future, as you can see right now, and in case you need to learn how it works, worry not since this following part of the article explains everything!

It's time to start the Football Kickoff online!

Use the mouse or finger controls to swipe on the balls and shoot them through the gate in the air, which is where it needs to go through for you to get points from the free kicks, but know that if you miss five times, you lose five lives, and the game, so if that happens, get a bigger record for the next time you shoot.

The closer to the center you get the ball through, the more points you are going to get, and know that the position from where you do your kickoffs will also be changing constantly, so that you have a challenge to get past, and don't get bored at all as you are playing the game.

You're also playing against time, so before the clock strikes zero, try to get many shots in! Don't stop here, since we've got many more of these rugby-like games from America for you to check out, and many other sports games in general that we recommend!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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