Skibidi Toilet Football!

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What is Skibidi Toilet Football!?

Skibidi Toilet Football!

Skibidi Toilet Football is not something that you have had the pleasure of playing on our website before, but we are delighted that you get to do it right now, where we will dive even deeper into the world of sports with these characters, these funny memes, and we will now explain what to do, so you can begin right away!

Let's play Skibidi Toilet Football online!

If you play in two real players, one uses A and D to move their two characters, while the other player uses the J, and L keys for the same thing, as you need to hit the American Football into the European Soccer nets, and before the match time runs out, score more than the opposition to win.

Of course, you can also play solo, against the computer, which can be just as fun. Now that you've surely got it, feel confident and ready to begin, and make sure you're sharing this game with your friends too!

How to play?

Use the A, D, J, L keys.

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