Skibidi Toilet Survival

Skibidi Toilet Survival

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Skibidi Toilet Survival
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Skibidi Toilet Survival Overview


Skibidi Toilet Survival is a new action-packed game in 3D to feature this walking toilet with a human head, one of the most popular memes that we are bringing you games about in recent times, a game that we highly recommend from the bottom of our hearts, as we've just had tons of fun with it ourselves, so we will now move on to explaining what it is you need to be doing!

Play a new Skibidi Toilet Survival game online!

Hold and drag the mouse to move your stick figure through the streets, and make sure to stop before the Skibidi Toilet turns back with its head at you, because if you are still moving when it does, you will be shot with a beam and you die.

Your goal is to avoid that happening and make it to the finish line, the red line you need to cross, and the faster you do it, the more money you earn in return.

That is the basic experience you will have here, which we are sure you will love, so start right now, challenge yourselves, and make sure to come back tomorrow for even more of our amazing daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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