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What are Skibidi Toilet Games?

Skibidi Games, based on the Skibidi Toilet meme is the next big thing in what we like to call pop-culture categories, when something catches on fire with the internet, such as was the case with FNF, Poppy Playtime, or Choo-Choo Charles in the past, just as an example, a page we knew we needed to put forth here after seeing how many popular games based upon it have appeared recently, all of which we made sure to share with you as soon as they got released since we want our visitors to be up to date with everything, and this is no exception!

Learn more about the Skibidi Toilet and play its Games online free and unblocked!

The meme features men coming out of toilets and singing various songs, with tons of remixes being around, with the first one having featured Dom Dom Yes Yes by Nelly Furtado. There is lore to this meme as well, as the Skibidi Toilets are trying to take over the world, while the enemies that are trying to stop them are the CameraHeads, which are men who, of course, have cameras instead of heads.

After the first episode, there were 24 more released, consisting of the first season, with us than being graced with many more, as we have now, at the moment of this writing, nine seasons.

As for the Skibidi Toilet Games we have here, they have been quite diverse in range, as we've got shooting games with Skibidi, where you go around and shoot them, stopping them from taking over the world, more simple experiences like idle clicker games or coloring by numbers, you can also attempt to Escape from the Skibidi Toilet, as it chases you around the town trying to eat you up, puzzle games, survival games, and much more!

Yes, much more, since we're right now at the height of their popularity, and we see many more of them in the future, which, of course, we will be bringing you first and foremost, so make sure to keep visiting our website as often as possible, so you always get the chance of playing them ahead of other kids, and maybe share this fact to your friends, so they can join in the experience!