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What are Choo-Choo Charles Games?

Choo-Choo Charles Games is now a category that we had to create here at any cost since the 2022 indie video game it is based on has risen in popularity quite a lot in the past few months in addition you have the chance to play this game on your computers, as you can get the game from Steam, there have been quite a few fan-made games based around it, playable on both the browsers of PCs, and on mobile devices such as phones and tables.

If that is the case, we make sure to bring them over, just like we did with some of the first ones, including Choo-choo charles: the last fight, a game that manages to recreate the experience of the original quite well, as it has shooting games elements, which is the main weapon we recommend using against this spider-train!

Of course, this is just the beginning, as you will surely be able to color the character, solve puzzles with it, and who knows, maybe we will also see more crossovers with other popular indie video game characters, just like it already happened with Choo Choo Charles and Rainbow Friends.

Now that you've seen just what we promise to bring you here in the future, and what we already have, maybe you are not already a fan of this series, or familiar with it at all, so we will now get into more details, which will surely convince you that trying these games out right now is a must!

Find out why Choo-Choo Charles Games must be played, and the lore behind this character!

The character whose role you play is a monster hunter, called The Archivist, and his latest target is Choo-Choo Charles, a train that is both a spider, as it has the legs of a spider, the body of a train, and the face of a scary horror monster! What's his role? Well, he goes around trying to eat people, so he must be stopped!

As the protagonist, you face him on the tracks of course, where you shoot at him from, and try to upgrade your train's defenses and artillery so that you can take him on no matter how much he levels up because you will do it too so that you can stand against him.

Go around the map with your train, do tasks for NPCs to get rewards and use them for your train, get loot to help you be stronger, and find the three glowing eggs, which will summon the demonic spider train for the last boss battle, where you hopefully defeat it!

We think that when it comes to horror games online from our website, picking out this category is a safe bet, and you're going to find quite a lot to like, which is what we hope to see you start playing our free games with Choo-Choo Charles unblocked right now, and then maybe visit some more of our categories as well!