Scary Train: Merge and Horrors

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What is Scary Train: Merge and Horrors?

Scary Train: Merge and Horrors

Scary Train: Merge and Horrors is going to be one of the best new merge and fight game online in 3D you get to find and play on our website, and it is precisely because it features the Choo-Choo Charles train, a train that is both a spider and a demon all at the same time, which you will be using to fight the other scary trains, and we will now explain how as well!

Win the fight with your Scary Train by merging the horror characters!

With the mouse, you buy units of the scary spider trains, and if you have two of the same kind, make sure to merge them so that you form a new hero, and as you merge them together, they level up in power, and become stronger. Get a bigger and stronger army than the enemies, hit the play button, and then defeat them to finish the level.

Each new stage will feature more powerful foes as well, so merging and buying new units is going to be the key that you have to stick with to keep doing a great job.

It's really as simple as that, so now that you know, feel confident to let the fun begin, and make sure you tell your friends to come over and also check out our many amazing games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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