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What are Merge Games?

Merge Games is one of the most popular sub-genres of puzzle games online that has arrived in the last few years, and this can obviously be seen simply from the number of them that is currently available on our website, and now that they even have their own category focused on them, you can trust on us that we will only make sure to bring you even more of them so that the best new fresh content in this area is being shared with you all!

What made merging games online as popular as they are now? Well, some would say that it is all because of the craze of 2048 games of a few years ago when the original one debuted on application platforms and was downloaded by players worldwide, and then also made to be played on browsers from computers too.

What is 2048? It's a puzzle game where you use the finger to swipe tiles with numbers on them, or other controls, depending on how you play them, so that you can take two tiles with the same number and merge them together, and by doing so create its double, or of a higher level. The game was to reach the 2048 tile while making sure not to get stuck by no longer being able to make moves.

Now, in a similar manner, but with more details, better graphics, and bigger scope, that is basically what you do with our Merge Games online for free, where you get to take two items and combine them to form a new one, such as two plants together to make a fruit or vegetable, two stones to form a brick, or even merge beings and creatures together.

For example, in Merge to Battle online, one of the best games in the genre we have had here, you need to merge together units of warriors so that they match into battle and defeat the enemies, and you will see many other merges and fight games online like this in addition.

You can merge dinosaurs, characters, cars, planes, food, animals, and many more, with the possibilities only ever-expanding day after day, we promise!

Now that we have laid down the basics to this amazing category of new games we worked very hard on here for you, make sure to repay our hard work by trying the games with merging we have put here, which is more of a reward for yourselves, as you will be having tons of fun if you try it out!