The Mergest Kingdom

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What is The Mergest Kingdom?

The Mergest Kingdom

You already know that on our website we will always provide you with some of the best new puzzle games with merging on the internet, and once more we prove that to you right now, by having brought over for you all the game called The Mergest Kingdom, which is a high-quality addition into this world of fun that we hope you won't avoid for anything in the world!

Use merging to create the biggest kingdom in the world!

Just like in strategy games, you are aiming to build a big kingdom that can tower over the other ones, but instead of the regular process of creating them, this time you will merge items to do so.

For example, you need to harvest crops to have food for both the king and his followers, so start by playing some dirt, then some crops, and then harvest them.

Use the mouse to move items around the blocks and get a similar one in a position to be one next to the other, after which you merge them together to create a bigger item.

You will do this quest to quest, mission to mission, and we hope that all the money you earn you will invest back into your kingdom and make it even better!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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