Merge 2048 Gun Rush

Merge 2048 Gun Rush

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Merge 2048 Gun Rush
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Merge 2048 Gun Rush Overview


Merge 2048 Gun Rush, as the title suggests, will combine together multiple of your favorite formats which have been popular as of late, starting off with hypercasual runner games, but also shooting, 2048, and merging games, so you are in for a real treat, something we will tell you how it can be played right now, so you can give the game your very best!

Merge 2048 in the Gun Rush online!

Use the mouse or touch controls to move the gun left and right, shooting automatically where you are pointing it towards, so that you hit the boxes, and the numbers on them represent how many shots it takes to eliminate them to get the guns inside.

The guns start with the number 2, then 4, and so forth, and when you've got two guns of the same number, they merge to form a stronger one, giving you more shots. Shoot and collect all the guns from start to end of the courses, and then merge them again to use them against shooting the monsters, the final bosses.

If you've eliminated all of them, you will have cleared the level and will be able to advance to the next one. Traps, dangers, and obstacles appear, so avoid them if you don't want the power levels of your guns to be cut down to size and make you weaker. Good luck to all, we wish you the best, and hope to see you around for even more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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