Mini Monkey Mart

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Mini Monkey Mart
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What is Mini Monkey Mart?

Mini Monkey Mart

Working at the previous Monkey Mart Online had been really fun, and we are sure that if you loved that experience, you will love having it once more, but this time in a smaller setting, since you will now work at the mini version of that store, which is made for smaller places, but trust us that working there is just as dynamic and interesting as if it were a bigger shop. Let's teach you the format right now, in case you've not played the original!

Let's work and have fun at the Mini Monkey Mart online!

In this hypercasual management game, use the mouse to move around with your monkey worker, gathering the produce and putting it up on the shelves, and after monkeys buy it, ring their orders up, get their money, and use it not only to make more fruits, vegetables, and other items, but also make sure to add more shelves, and make the mini-market filled with even more stuff.

Quite simple, right? So, as you earn money, put it back into the store, as it is your business, and see how much you can develop in the allocated space. Let's begin right away, having fun as only here as possible, and make sure to stick around for all the other great content of the day yet to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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