Capybara Evolution Mega Clicker

Capybara Evolution Mega Clicker

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Capybara Evolution Mega Clicker
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Capybara Evolution Mega Clicker Overview


Capybara Evolution Mega Clicker combines one of the most popular meme animals of last year, the Capybara, with one of the most popular formats out there, which are idle clicking games, for which we even made our own designated category, so you can see why this was a must-add game, and it should now be a must-play one for you, which is why we are going to explain it!

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Keep clicking on the animal, which starts off as a baby, to get points in return, coins, rather, and use them to buy new evolutions of the animal when you have the necessary funds. To get coins quicker, acquire the coin upgrades in the shop, as well as other bonuses, and if you get a new evolution, they will also earn you more at the same time.

The goal should be clicking and upgrading until you have unlocked all of the evolutions of the Capybara, which is something we're sure you will find very fun and satisfying, and if you want to play something similar after, there are many more games to discover in the same category!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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