Pedro Clicker: Evolution of the Raccoon

Pedro Clicker: Evolution of the Raccoon

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Pedro Clicker: Evolution of the Raccoon
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Pedro Clicker: Evolution of the Raccoon Overview


Pedro, Pedro, Pedro is the most popular meme of the internet, on TikTok, YT, and other social media platforms, so of course you would want to play some Pedro Games online as well, which we offer you all right now with this amazing clicker game where you get to evolve this raccoon to new stages of the meme, to keep things fresh and interesting all the way through!

Try the Pedro Clicker online to make the Evolution of the Raccoon!

Keep clicking/tapping on Pedro to make him dance around as he does in the meme, and you earn coins each time he dances and moves, which you then use to buy the upgrades. The first one is the coin upgrade, which means getting more coins per click, and you can then acquire the cursor one as well, which means even more coins per click to be earned.

With the final two upgrades, you can change the box around which he is dancing, as well as the effects that happen while he is doing it, to make things more fun and funnier too. Evolve Pedro from one level to another by filling up the progress bar, and then advance through his many evolutions, for as long as you can, with the upgrades getting more expensive after buying them.

Now that you know how simple and fun it can be, let your inner Pedro come out, and have fun like only here you can!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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