Planet Clicker 2

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What is Planet Clicker 2?

Planet Clicker 2

Clicking on planets is not something you've usually had the chance of doing even in our well-developed category of idle games online, which is why we are excited to present right now to you all precisely that kind of game, even if we are jumping to its sequel, as the game is called Planet Clicker 2, and we will now give you all the deets on it you need to know!

Try Planet Clicker 2 online right now!

Start off with the Earth, and keep clicking on it as much as possible to earn coins, using them to buy upgrades from the left such as:

  • Earth Clicker
  • Campfire
  • Farm
  • Animal Farm
  • Windmill
  • Factory

By acquiring this stuff you are able to earn more coins per click, and some of them even grant you coins per second, without you having to click, so make it so that you earn as much as it is needed to buy the next planet, such as Mars, and so on, until you conquer the whole solar system! Enjoy!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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