Clicker Games

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What are Clicker Games?

Clicker Games have become increasingly popular in recent times, on our website and in the wider world of online gaming, which is why this format really deserved its own page, where we can gather together all the best games with this format, making it easier than ever for fans of clicking games to find and play them, all free and unblocked, as you can be sure is the case with all the content on our website, all added for you!

Play the best Clicker Games online on the internet!

In case you've never played clicker games before, you need not worry, since they are really simple to understand and play, which makes it quite obvious why they are so popular. It says so in their names, but making clicks is the main gameplay mechanic you need to follow.

Keep clicking on an object, character, or even click on animals or other items presented to you, so that you earn coins or points, but it is usually coins, which you can then use to buy upgrades from the menus on the sides, top, or bottom.

That means changing the character, which is usually seen with anime clicker games with girls, each one cuter than the last, or buying the upgrades that will make you earn more coins per click, with each new upgrade that you acquire getting more expensive, which is why you need to keep at it. You can also have games with auto-click systems to invest in.

Sometimes you might get the chance to play with Bitcoin and click on it, but your popular characters are also here, such as Grimace, Skibidi, Rainbow Friends, Naruto, or Noob!

This is a part of the gaming world that is continuously expanding, and you can bet that we will always be the first ones to share with you the best new games by clicking online, for kids and adults alike, which is why we hope to see you around for as much as possible, for this or any of our other amazing categories!