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Evil Clicker

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Evil Clicker
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Evil Clicker Overview


Evil Clicker is a new idle clicking game online, but one that brings you to hell, but, luckily for you, not as an inmate, but as the one and only ruler of hell, where you try inflicting lots of pain, getting tons of souls, and earning a lot of treasures. It's all about patience, clicking, and a bit of strategic thinking, all about which we will tell you more right now, as we've already played the game, and we want you to do just as well, maybe even better!

Try the Evil Clicker online and rule over hell!

You will use the first round of money given to you to buy your first whipping station, where your devil will whip human souls, and for each hit you get a new one in the score on top. When you have enough to buy a new station, buy it so that more demons start working on humans and be able to harvest more souls.

Among the other torture methods, you can try in this game we've got boiling them in water, shocking them with electricity, you can straight hitting them up like a punching bag, you can attack them with snakes, worms, or spiders, taking their teeth out, or maybe things that they hated in real life like going to work.

You should also use the diamonds you earn from this kind of extraction to buy upgrades for the stations, making the demons move faster, and hit harder, which means even more souls will start being produced. Try working and clicking with this game until you have unlocked all the stations, and be able to make hell more productive than ever!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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