Lhama Clicker

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What is Lhama Clicker?

Lhama Clicker

Lhama Clicker is a simple and exciting new clicking game online, which is only made even better by the fact that it features such a cute animal as this one, as these furry animals are always beloved by our audiences, and this game is going to prove it once again. Allow us to explain how it works, shall we?

Try our new Lhama Clicker game online!

For each click that you make on the cute llama, you are going to earn coins in return, which you should then use to buy upgrades from the left side of the screen, which will earn you even more coins per click, as well as various other kinds of upgrades, with you even being able to change the skin of the animal down the line.

Try to see just how far you can reach with the evolution of the animal and the points you make, and see how many of the upgrades you can buy in total, especially as they only increase in cost as you keep playing.

Good luck, we wish you the best, and we hope you are not stopping here, since the day has more surprises in store for everyone, we promise!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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