Mario Combat

Mario Combat

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Mario Combat
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Mario Combat Overview


Mario Combat is going to be one of the most special Mario fighting games online we've ever had on our website, and we haven't had many, that's for sure, which is precisely why we are delighted to share it with you right at this moment, since we offer you a fresh experience, one where Mario needs to do more than just run and jump, but he also has to fight and defeat his foes!

Help Mario Combat all his enemies and win!

Through the lava level, run and jump from one platform to another, making sure not to fall into the fiery pits, because you instantly get thrown back to the start of the level, or maybe a checkpoint, if you were lucky enough to get there, and, along the way, you need to fight and defeat all the Koopas. Use the arrows for running and jumping.

As you fight the Koopas, which you do by pressing the A key, you get points in return for each enemy you've taken out, but know that they fight back, and jump around plenty, so make sure to not get hit or thrown into the lava by them instead, you are going to lose.

It's that simple, so now that you've understood for sure, feel free and ready to begin, and don't stop here, since more fun is to come, as only here is possible, where we will bring you even more great new games to play!

How to play?

Use the arrows and A.

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