Super Smash Flash

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Super Smash Flash
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What is Super Smash Flash?

Super Smash Flash

Not everyone has an older system to play the old Super Smash games, but that does not mean the good games have to stay in the past. have brought the Super Smash games to the website with this collection of free fighting games, and this includes Super Smash Flash. 

Super Smash Flash Gameplay

You will feel the nostalgia of the original Super Smash game on the Nintendo 64, but there are some gameplay differences in Super Smash Flash. The original Super Smash Bros game had twelve playable characters, where you start with eight characters and unlock the rest through 

There are twelve playable characters in Super Smash Bros., eight of which are available from the start and four of which are unlockable. Super Smash Flash is similar with only a handful of players available. You can play as Pikachu, Megaman, Knuckles, Kirby, Fox, Captain Falcon, Sonic, Tails, Blade, Samus, Mario, Link, and Zelda. The rest of the characters are unlockable by playing the game. 

To pause the game, any player would need to press the backspace key. You will be reminded of the controls before you start the game. Now, it is time to play the game. You can select from 1P MODE or VS MODE. 

1P Mode has Regular Match, Stadium, and Training, while VS MODE has Melee Mode. If you want to unlock more characters, then you can play Regular Match in 1P Mode. This gives you Classic or Adventure Mode. Classic mode puts you against opponents in simultaneous succession. Adventure Mode has you battle through various stages. Playing the single-player game will help you unlock more characters. Here are some tips to get you through Super Smash Flash. 

Super Smash Flash Tips

●    At the end of each match, you will see your points, remaining lives, and other stats. The biggest thing you want to do is rack up as many points as possible. Do not worry too much about not maxing out your points early in the game, especially if you are still learning. 
●    Do not get too overconfident with the kills. If your opponent is already falling off the stage, do not chase them off to try to get the final kill. There is a chance you might miss and cost yourself a match. 
●    Do not stress during the mini game where you break targets. You have plenty of time to clear the level, even if you make a couple of mistakes. 

Happy Smashing!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

To choose your character, move the RED P1 DOT on which character you want to play with, and hit GO.

The controls for Super Smash Flash are:

Player 1: 

●    Arrow keys to move
●    O key to Jump
●    P key to Attack

Player 2: 

●    ASDW keys to Move
●    G key to Jump
●    F key to attack

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