Sonic Boom Games

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What are Sonic Boom Games?

 This story is quite a nice one, but we are sure that you cannot wait to hear about the fact that Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks live on some attractive island named Bygone Island, where they have to deal with a lot of threats, over the time while playing with us like no one else. We will tell you that on that Bygone Island, there would be potential enemies that you have to consider while playing all over again. We will show you something pretty cool about this and move over to be told what to do.

Well, the mad doctor scientist Doctor Eggman is going to be a hazardous thing to deal with because all of his crazy robotic creations would be with him all the time, so no one else is going to be acting just fine from now on. Well, there are going to be a few characters that I would like to tell you about, so listen carefully because it will be interesting to hear. The first one is the course, one that we are going to tell you about and we are referring to the Hedgehog that has, who speed and the color of the sky, we are talking about blue. In this version, the series version has blue-furred arms and wears some athletic clothes while in there.