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What are Sonic Boom Games?

Sonic Boom Games is one of our newest game categories that we are sure that you are definitely going to have a great time playing all of them without any regards of not learning any different stuff from us over the time. It is certain that our super cool game that we think really high of are going to be quite independent because everything from now on could be made different if not done like that. Go ahead and teach us everything that you consider to be positive of and not like that because then we are never going to assure you of a won. There are going to be a lot of stuff that you have to learn from us and so on, but if you are careful then manage to break everything that you consider nice and move over. This story is a quite nice one but we are sure that you cannot wait to hear about the fact that Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks live on some interesting island namend Bygone Island where they have to deal with a lot of threats over the time while playing with us like no one else. We are going to tell you that on that Bygone Island there would be potential enemies that you have to consider while playing all over again in here. We are going to show you something pretty cool about this one and move over to be told what to do. Well the mad doctor scientist Doctor Eggman it is going to be a really dangerous thing to deal with because all of his crazy robotic creations would be with him all the time so that no one else is going to be acting just fine from now on. Well, there are going to be a few character that e like to tell you about so listen really careful because it is going to be really interesting to hear. The first one is of curse the main one that we are going to tell you about and we are reffering to Sonic the Hedgehog that has super speed and the color of the sky, we are talking about blue. In this version of the serie, somnic has blue furred armes and wears some athletic clothes while being in there. We are sure that nothing bad could happen to you if you are going to be quite interested in this. Prepare yourself on this one because Amy Rose is really delighted to hear from you. She is a girl hedgehog who has a giant hammer as her weapon. He really likes Sonic, but they do not get somewhere emotional because of that, because he has strong feelings and really mature ones. Knuckles the Echidna is the one with the muscles. We are sure that you know him by being the tallest member of the team and wears a lot of sport clothes. In other versions Knuckes is different from here because now he annoys the team everytime because he does not know anything that he needs in order to win this. Miles Tails Prower is the fox that has two tails and does all the nerd stuff for the team. He has some goggles and does all the repair stuff if anything is going to be damaged for the tea. We are sure that you would like him for being everytime cautions for the things that he does in there. Next we have Sticks the Badger who is really skilled when it comes to boomerangs and throwing them really far away in order to kick the opponent's ass. Despite the fact that he looks quite well, we are going to tell you that he is the one that looks through garbage sometimes and the others find him quite odd to do something like that. That is what happens when you are a genius and the madness come to you. Our last important character that we are going to tell you about is Dr. Eggman who is the evil mastermind of this series. Over the time he was considered evil, but now he is really annoying because he does all the stupid stuff with a lot of talk and disturbing over the sonic boom team. Go ahead and play all of our games because we are sure that you could do something like that. Good luck.