Sonic 2 Heroes

Sonic 2 Heroes

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Sonic 2 Heroes
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Sonic 2 Heroes Overview


Sonic 2 Heroes is named as such because instead of going on the adventure only with the blue hedgehog, he is also joined by none other than his best friend, Tails, and his biggest rival, Knuckles, so that you can have a ton of fun with this classic side-scroller platform-adventure game using all the special abilities of each, and once again saving the world from the evils of Dr. Robotnik!

Play Sonic 2 with your favorite Heroes!

The goal is just like always, to keep advancing through the regions you are in, having to reach the finish line and battle against Dr. Eggman, defeating him to move forward. Along the way, there will be spikes, pits, and robots as obstacles and enemies to face off against, so avoid them at any cost, since losing all your lives, and the three heroes you control means losing the game.

Use the arrow keys for moving, and Z to use the special ability of each character, like rolling. When one does it, it applies to the others too, making it good teamwork. As per usual, you need to collect as many of the rings you find as possible to increase your score, while also collecting the gems since they are magical, and they need to be taken by the good guys, not the bad ones.

Start all this fun right now, only here, and try to see what other games with Sonic we have added here over the years since we've made sure to bring you the best of them already, and more are to come!

How to play?

Use the Arrows, Z key.

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