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Smash Remix

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Smash Remix
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Smash Remix Overview


Smash Remix is a fighting game that features all your favorite characters from many Nintendo video game series all brought into one, with the game being 3D, and having been inspired by Super Smash Bros, only with even more added elements. Here, see the roaster of characters you get to fight with right here:

  • Mario
  • Zelda
  • Kirby
  • Pokemon
  • Sonic
  • Donkey Kong

Have fun fighting with the Smash Remix characters you know and love so much!

After choosing the characters you want to become, your goal is quite simple, which is beating up the opponent controlled by the computer by depleting their health bar before they can do it to you first, which they will attempt, as this is that kind of battle game, as you can see.

Use F to go Left, H to go Right, G to go down, T to jump, X to attack, R for shields, and use Z to select. If you want, you can enter the practice mode first to learn the basics and be more prepared, but we also recommend getting straight into one-on-one battles or tournaments, you won't regret it! Check out all the categories this game is too, so you can diversify your fun!

How to play?

Use F, G, H, T, R, X, Z.

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