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What are Hello Kitty Games?

Do you know the saying that goes 'BIG IN JAPAN'? It usually is a reference to things that get really popular in Japan, while not necessarily in other parts of the world, but while that might happen with some things, more often than not, Japanese things manage to get out of the water borders of the island country and make waves all over the world, becoming hits in media, art, or, as it’s the case here, in merchandise.

Japan puts out some of the biggest franchises in the world, and one of them is definitely Hello Kitty, which had become so big that it had generated 88 billion so far, being behind only Pokemon, but trust us when we say that you’re not going to be charged by playing our Hello Kitty Games online, since we are never about profits, only always about fun!

Meet the worldwide beloved Hello Kitty!

You really had to have lived under a rock so far not to have heard about this character, but if you haven’t, know that this character is depicted as a white Japanese Bobtail cat, who always has a cute red bow on her head, but no mouth to be seen. The story of her goes that she is always in third grade, even if the doll and franchise had been around since 1974, and she lives in London together with Mimmy, who looks very close to her, just with a yellow bow.

While pre-teen girls might be the target audience, the character has managed to become really popular in other demographics as well, which is not surprising since it appeared in television series, anime, manga, it can be a print on clothing or footwear, and, of course, she even has her own theme park, and she deserves it!

Come play with Hello Kitty for free, from your home, or even on the go!

Not only girls but boys as well are invited to check out this category and enjoy it, totally! You can color and paint with this cute kitten, improving your creativity, or you can join her in the salon, where you will help her get a fresh new haircut and look, as a cat’s fur is very important, and it is a must to groom it properly.

Help her jump high into the sky, find her friends with a hidden objects game, play pinball together, help her kiss her cat boyfriend, decorate together, since her house needs to be as cute as she is, and always dress up Hello Kitty in trendy outfits, since she fancies herself quite fashionable. All this and more, only here!