Draw to Protect Hello Kitty Cat

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What is Draw to Protect Hello Kitty Cat?

Draw to Protect Hello Kitty Cat

Draw to Protect Hello Kitty Cat is going to be one of the best new save the cat games online, which you might have seen with other animals and characters, but that does not matter, since this game features the most popular cat toy from Japan, which is being under attack from bees, and only through your logic and drawing skills can you save it!

Draw to Protect Hello Kitty Cat from the Bees!

In each level, you need to use the mouse to draw lines, circles, and other shapes in such a way that they will form a barrier between Hello Kitty and the exterior, one through which the attacking bees cannot get so that you protect it until the bee attack is over.

If you achieve it, you complete the level, and repeat the same process next, where the level gets more difficult, but more fun at the same time, as you are going to easily notice! Start now, give the game your very best, and don't stop here, since we always have some more awesome games in store!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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