Hello Kitty And Friends Restaurant

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What is Hello Kitty And Friends Restaurant?

Hello Kitty And Friends Restaurant

Hello Kitty And Friends Restaurant is yet another amazing cooking game for kids that you can play together with all your favorite characters from Hello Kitty right now and here, something we've got no doubt at all you will really enjoy, since the previous one, set on Christmas, was one of our most popular additions, no less than two months ago!

Create the best restaurant dining experience for Hello Kitty and friends!

Kitty as well as other animal plushie friends of hers are going to walk into your restaurant, sit at the table, and then through a dialogue bubble will show you the item on the menu that they want to be cooked and served to them.

Well, this is what you are here to do, so click on the bubble, and then start cooking the dish, following on-screen instructions to do it correctly, because you are shown where to click or drag.

Follow the recipe exactly, and serve the food in time so that they pay their bill and leave satisfied from your place, and, more importantly, return very soon for more food.

Now that you know all this, both how easy and fun this game is, trying it right away is what we hope to see you do, after which we invite you to keep having fun as only on our website you can have!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.