Garfield Scary Scavenger

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What is Garfield Scary Scavenger?

Garfield Scary Scavenger

Scavenger hunts are really fun on their own already, but the experience only becomes even better where you get to have this kind of adventure with Garfield, one of the most iconic characters in the entire world, an orange cat who does not want to do anything as it is lazy. It can also get quite scared, which is why in Garfield Scary Scavenger, a horror-themed interactive puzzle game, he needs your help to explore the haunted mansion!

To help Garfield with his mission you have to find the seven packages of goodies hidden through the Haunted House. To find them you have to explore the different rooms with the mouse, and interact with things around there, seeing what happens, and using the useful things you find and add to your inventory as hints, which will ultimately help you find the goods. Simply click on items to pick them up, and move through the rooms with the arrows.

If ghosts, zombies, monsters, or any other scary things happen or appear, make sure to get Garfield away from them as soon as possible, because if he gets too frightened and the scare meter grows fully, you are going to lose, because he will get terrified and leave the haunted house, and you’re forced to start your hunt from scratch.

Don’t get scared, and have fun with this thrilling Garfield Game like no other right now, facing fear head-on and having a great experience like no other!

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How to play?

use the arrows to control Garfield.