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Garfield Scary Scavenger

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Garfield Scary Scavenger
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Garfield Scary Scavenger Overview


Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt 1 is an online game that asks the question, 'Why would Garfield ever go inside of a haunted mansion, considering he is quite the scaredy-cat?'. Well, it also answers it: FOR FOOD! Yes, our favorite orange tabby cat is hungry, and for Halloween, he is going out to take treats. Even if he has to step inside of a haunted house. He is hoping you join him in the adventure so that together you can find and eat all of these sweets:

  • assorted donuts
  • chocolate covered donuts
  • sour cream donuts
  • mini powdered sugar donuts
  • blueberry muffins
  • chocolate chip muffins
  • mini cinnamon donuts

Help Garfield be a Scary Scavenger!

You begin the game at the front door of the haunted mansion and know that navigation in this game is done with the mouse, using interaction with the four arrow symbols on the screen, which together form the on-screen joystick. Click and hold on it to make Garfield go in any of the four directions!

Because the front door is locked, you can't get inside, so we recommend you move to the right of the porch, where you see a box. Well, that box can be opened by clicking on it, and inside, surprise: the gray key that opens the door. Go back with it and open the door to enter the mansion!

The same goes for any other objects you see in the halls, the bedrooms, bathrooms, or the kitchen of this mansion, as everything in front of you is interactive and clickable.

Give Garfield the right tools!

In addition to keys, look for other items that can help you in your adventure, such as a flashlight, a shovel, the three keys with wings, each in a different color, and even a block of cheese or a muffin top.

We can't tell you where some of the items fit, so we're leaving you to discover. As the title suggests, you're a scavenger, so do not leave any stone unturned in this house!

Don't let Garfield die of fear!

Here comes the scary part of the game: the monsters! Zombies, ghouls, ghosts, vampires, and other kinds of freaks are lurking around the house, and they might pop out any time, any place. This makes the Scare-O-Meter rise! Get him out of there, or use the tools to eliminate the monsters. Garfield loses if you fill-up the meter entirely, as he's too scared. You can only face the fears and succeed together, so start right now!

What are the steps you have to do to win the game Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt 1?

To enter the castle, you will first have to go to the right until you reach the coffin. Open the coffin and take the key with a dead man's head on it.

Go further (also on the right side of the haunted castle) until you see a Shovel (take that one too).

The next step will be to go to the left side of the castle until you reach Jon Arbuckle. Go further, and you will reach the backyard of the castle, which is surrounded by a black picket fence. Walk behind the yard until you get a freshly dug grave (you can tell it is fresh because the ground in front of the grave is grassless). Here you will have to use the Shovel to dig until you manage to find Sour Cream Donuts.

The next step is to go to the front of the castle, where the main door is, and open it (using the key found in the coffin).

After entering the castle, you must go to the left until you reach the last room. Here, you will find a piece of cheese. Be careful, because after you take the piece of cheese, a safe will fall in its place, which will scare Garfield.

From this room you will have to go forward and then into the room on the right until you see a green key on a painting.

The next room you will have to go to is the castle kitchen. Here,is the bedroom, which is on the left side of the blue door. Click on the pillow on the bed to you will find a bell on the table. Pick up the bell because the red key will be under it.

Once you find the red key, you can go to the red door to open it. After entering this room, you will find Garfield in the painting on the top left. Click on the painting and try to open the safe. The unlock code is 6-79-78. This code can be found if you click on the window in this room. Here, you will find The box of Chocolate chip muffins.

The next trip will be on the floor of the haunted castle, so you can go to the main room and go up the stairs. Right after you go up the stairs, you will see a blue door. Go to the right of the door until you reach the room with ghosts. Click on the ghost on the right to find The Bag of Mini Cinnamons Donuts.

The next room to visit will be the bedroom, which is on the left side of the blue door. Click on the pillow on the bed, because there you will find the blue key.

Once you find the blue key, you can go open the blue door and enter the room. After entering, the next step will be to press the cabinet on the left, because there is a secret door. After you click on the closet, the secret door will open and you will be able to enter a new room.

In the new room, you will meet Floyd (the mouse). To give you the new recipe you will have to give him a piece of cheese, and in this way you will be able to find The Box of Assorted Bonuts. In the blue room, there will be a switch (just like the one that activates a light bulb); you will have to activate it because, in this way, you canto go down the stairs that lead to the pot. The stairs leading to the pot are right in front of the blue door.

In the pot, you will have to go to the room with bats. Here, you will have to order the letters that are held by the bats to write the word GARFIELD. Doing this will open the yellow crate that is next to the bats, and there will be The Box of Chocolate Covered Donuts.

The next room you will have to enter is the Green room. Here, you will find a room with musical instruments. To find the next bottle with donuts, The first time, you press the flute, the piano, the small trumpet, and finally, the bass (large trumpet). The piano, you will have to play the instruments. For this, you will have to pay attention to the order in which you compose the melodic line. The first time you press the flute, the piano, the small trumpet, and finally the bass (large trumpet). Repeat this set of actions until you manage to make the piano play by itself, and in this way, find The Bag of Mini Powdered Sugar Donuts

The next room you will have to go to is the library. Here, you will have to arrange the cards so that they are in the following order from left to right:

  1. Beefs Up (Turqoise)
  2. Furry Tales (Green)
  3. Garfield Gets Cookin' (Red)
  4. How to Draw Garfield (Violet)
  5. Insults, Put-Downs & Slams (Blue)
  6. Never Accept a Gift with Air Holes (Orange)
  7. Party Now. Age Later (Yellow)
  8. Stupid Cupid (Brown)


After you find the secret door in the library, you will have to go to the man being held hostage. He will ask you for muffins for food  because he is hungry. That's why you'll have to go to the kitchen, to the fridge, and look for muffins, then return again to this prisoner in the attic. After he eats, he will tell you a secret: to look in the fireplace. When you go to the fireplace you will find a new secret room that will take you outside, and there you will have to go into the mud puddle to get to the new room, which is actually a dungeon. Here you will find The Box of Blueberry Muffins.

How to play?

Use arrows to move and the mouse to click on the objects.

Tips & Tricks

  • The box on the right gives you text clues about your surroundings.
  • Add items to the inventory for later use!
  • Run or hide from monsters to keep the meter down!


How can you win Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt faster?
In order to find all 7 boxes in the haunted castle, we recommend using both hands. The left hand should be in the area of ​​the arrows to move, and the right hand should be on the mouse to click on the necessary objects.

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