Swat vs Zombies

Swat vs Zombies

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Swat vs Zombies
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Swat vs Zombies Overview


When you are little, one of the most common dreams is to become a police officer and fight the crime.  In "Swat vs Zombies" your dream becomes true! Here you will play with a S.W.A.T member named Alex who tries to save the world from zombies - yes, you heard me right; Zombies!

Shoot zombies and save the world!

The game has 5 different locations, starting with the Highway. You can unlock different and new locations killing zombies. For example, in order to unlock the Gas Station scenario, you will need to shoot a total of 500 zombies. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Play and win each one including Border Control, Forest, and Laboratori (XLab) from where it all starts.

By killing zombies, you will receive points that will transform into cash. What to do with all that money? Simple, go to the Guns Shop and buy some ammo or new guns like a shotgun, M4A4, a sniper rifle, a chainsaw, or maybe a bazooka! 

Swat vs Zombies is a great survival game where you need to fight for your life. Because we like competition, we implemented a great leaderboard and an achievement system, so, play and earn! After each round you can choose to go to the shop or to double your money. 

What are you waiting for? Pick your weapon, and start saving the world!

How to play?

While playing from a PC, use the mouse to navigate through the menu, W,A,S,D, or ARROWS to move, SPACE to shoot. Switch the weapons using the mouse or simply press Q.
For mobile, use the buttons from the screen.

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