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What are Ability Games ?

All these Ability Games are especially added to this category on Friv-Games.com because we are trying to test your ability everyday with a various of ability games offered for free here on friv games. So first you have to choose a game that you like from these ability games, then you can try to play it,but take care because you really have to use your ability to finish each of these games. In this category you will find driving games, bubbles games, thinking games, building games and a lot of other free online games that we invite you to play. After you have played each of these ability games we invite you to rate it, then if this ability game was good for you, we will try to search for these games then to publish here in this category. If you really enjoy these games we suggest you to rank it with 5 stars, you have an vote system under each ability games, so you can express your opinion about this game that you have played. Here, on ability games, we are trying to test your ability in hundreds of friv online games, because if you like one of these ability game that you have played here on Friv-Games.com, probably that game was inspired from reality and you will know what you will like to work in real life.