Obby: Mini-Games

Obby: Mini-Games

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Obby: Mini-Games
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Obby: Mini-Games Overview


You can now play the best Obby: Mini-Games online on the internet, in yet another amazing Roblox game multiplayer from our website, with hypercasual elements, 3D graphics, and which can be played on both computers and mobile devices alike, where you get to choose from a selection of really fun new games, which we will now explain to you, don't worry!

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The three mini-games in which you can enter from the lobby are races, races where you go up against a total of thirty players that join the rooms, with you having to be the first one that cross the finish line to win, and the last player standing and surviving.

In one of them, you have to stand on the colored tiles that remain up when all the others fall down, you might race on a glass bridge that has glass tiles that break and make you fall, or random plates will start falling, and you need to go down with them from one floor to another and reach the bottom ahead of the others.

Use WASD to move, space to jump, and the mouse for interaction and mostly to look around. Use the money you earn (coins) in the shop to change your Obby avatar give them a new look, and make a lot of diamonds and points to climb the leaderboard, as we've got rankings of players, and we hope to see you at the top!

It's that simple, so now that you know, good luck, through any of the mini-games, and invite your friends to enter too, and you might play against one another!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.

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