Tower of Hell: Obby Blox

Tower of Hell: Obby Blox

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Tower of Hell: Obby Blox
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Tower of Hell: Obby Blox Overview


Tower of Hell: Obby Blox is the latest hypercasual 3D parkour game inspired by Roblox Games and its many fan-made games, with this character that now you will help climb not one, but two types of towers, something we're sure you will find really interesting and fun, and which we will now give you an introduction into how to do it, so you can give the game your best!

Climb the Tower of Hell with Obby Blox!

First things first, know that there are two types of towers you can do parkour climbing online in, the first with an easier level of difficulty, and the other with a harder level of difficulty:


You start off at the bottom of the towers, and then you use the pillars going in any and all directions to climb, going from one to another, moving on them carefully, as on a tightrope. If you fall, from the spot you've fallen on, you will have to start again from scratch. Move with WASD, jump with space, use the mouse to look around.

Try reaching as far up as possible before the time granted for you runs out, and, in case you manage to do a great job, you can use your points to buy:

  1. Mutators: Low Gravity, High Speed, Lengthen, Foggy, Negative, Invincibility, Extra Time, Double Jump
  2. Skins: Doge, Pomni, Christmas Hat, and more....
  3. Coins

As you can see, the game is quite complex, and tons of fun, so there should be no excuse for you not to start playing it right now, or else you would be disappointed!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, and mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Watch for the time: as soon as you start, so does the countdown, so try reaching the tower's top before it hits 00:00 seconds!
  • Buy upgrades: skins, mutators, and coins will help you greatly in exploring the Tower of Hell with more ease!
  • Move carefully: instead of going for speed, go for accuracy when you are walking on the pillars.

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