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What are Parkour Games?

Parkour Games are currently more popular than ever, with visitors to our website sometimes being able to find and play even more than two of them in the same day, which is a testament to how so many boys, but girls too, want to play these running and jumping games where their skills, focus, reaction time, and overall determination to move forward are put to the test and improved all at the same time, so now we've made this page and made it easier than ever for you to find all these games you wish to play!

Play Parkour Games online unblocked to stay safe but still get that adrenaline pump!

Two ways that we can differentiate between the games on this page is through their technology and the point of view they use, as we've got classic side-scroller games, similar to platform-adventure games with jumping, usually in 2D, where you see a flat world before you, with its pits, obstacles, traps, that you need to jump over in a parkour manner.

But, the ones that are even more popular are of course the parkour games online 3D we offer you here, where you usually have a fully-rendered world where you can see a lot of elements from it, and you can view it from a first-person view or a third-person view, but the cameras can be changed, usually.

In these games with parkour online you need to jump over the empty holes in the ground, over the lava, water, or any other kinds of dangerous elements in front of you, and only step on the spots that are safe, doing it until the end of the courses to win, usually in levels that get progressively more difficult as you keep playing.

You usually use WASD or the ARROWS for moving, space for jumping, and you look around with the mouse, although this can be different from one game to another.

You can do parkour with nameless stickmen or characters, but also with your favorite characters set in the worlds of them you love so much, with the Minecraft Parkour Games being one of the very best examples of that, or with other beloved video game icons such as Among Us, Baldi, Huggy Wuggy, Garfield, and much more!

Now that the format and its awesome games have been explained to you, there should be no excuse for you not to start playing right away, in case you're not afraid to do it. We are sure you are not!